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Natural Linguistics - language processing software

We provide SDK and custom-made B2B solutions in the area of natural language processing (NLP). This includes both information retrieval and language understanding tasks. Our technology covers many aspects of language processing including but not limited to text tokenization and segmentation, part-of-speech recognition, syntactical parsing, semantic role recognition, concept and fact extraction, semantic relations extraction.
We provide solutions for:

  • Intelligent document search, problem solution search, prior-art search;
  • Automatic summarization, topic-oriented summarization, multi-document summarization, patent summarization; Click here for online summarizer demo
  • Intelligent document comparison, document classification and clusterization, taxonomy construction;
  • Spellchecking;
  • Content matching, document-to-document, query-to-document, image-to-document relevance evaluation;
  • Automatic question answering, intelligent helpdesk and FAQ systems;
  • Solutions for document and knowledge management;
  • Our cutting-edge language technology is based on modular and open-architecture principles which allow a high level of customization for specific needs of our customers. We are always looking for new business partners.

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